5 Tips For Wandering Outdoors With Your Pup

You’ll be hard-pressed to experience a more exhilarating feeling than finally making it to that peak or valley that you’ve spent your entire day trekking towards. But you know what makes it even better? Doing it with your best fur bud by your side!

Here at Modish Wanderer, we absolutely LOVE our pups and believe that they should absolutely be able to capture a life of adventure too! However, we also believe that it’s very important to make sure that you’re prepared when wandering outdoors with your pup. We're excited to share our 5 best tips for having an enjoyable outdoor adventure with your 4-legged friends!

5 Tips for Wandering Outdoors With Your Pup

# 1 - Remember Your Trail Manners: This one might seem like a no-brainer, but how we handle ourselves and our pups during outdoor adventures can make all the difference in not only our experience but the experience of those around us.

An important rule of thumb while traveling with your pup is to make sure that they are always leashed unless they are trained/experienced in off-leash hiking. It’s the safest option for you, your pup, your fellow wanderers + their pups as well!
Modish Wanderer - 5 Tips For Wandering Outdoors With Your Pup - Man and Dog
And although many parks/trails are equipped with Dog Waste Stations, be sure to bring your own bags in the event that one is not present or is completely empty. Dog waste can be filled with disease-causing bacteria that are often harmful to both humans and animals. Plus, no one wants to take a step and realize there’s poo on the bottom of their shoe, right?! 😉
#2 - Be Aware Of The Terrain: Wandering into the unknown in the great outdoors can be quite the adventure. But when we’re hiking with our fur buds by our side, it’s important to be aware of what kind of terrain you have ahead of you.


A few questions to ask yourself:

  • How many miles is this hike?
  • What kind of terrain will we encounter along the way?
  • What will the temperature be like on the day of our hike?
  • Is my dog’s breed/build ideal for this type of adventure?

All of these factors are important in deciding whether or not a specific trail is ideal for your pup and will help you to know what extra items (such as dog boots, cooling bandanas etc.) will be necessary to pack for your adventure.

#3 - Pack Light, But Smart: The last thing any of us wants is a super heavy pack while we’re en route to that mountain peak. However, when we’re doing so with our fur buds by our side, it’s important to not only pack light but to also to pack smart.

Modish Wanderer - 5 Tips For Wandering Outdoors With Your Pup - Hiking With Dog

You never know what challenges you’ll face in the great outdoors, which is why we recommend bringing the following items with you to help make the experience even more enjoyable for your pup!

  • Plenty of Water
  • Dog Food/Treats
  • Collapsable Dog Bowls
  • Multiple Doggy Waste Bags
  • Collar with ID, Harness + Leash
  • Tennis Ball/Favorite Toy
  • Clothing: This will be dependent on the weather, but includes things like dog boots, cooling bandanas, jackets - anything that will help protect your pup from the elements of the environment you’re in
  • Pet First Aid Kit: These can be purchased at many adventure stores, pet retail shops, and Amazon.

#4 - Take Frequent Water Breaks In Shaded Areas: Sometimes when we’re in the midst of wandering, we can forget to give ourselves and our pups a little break to rest and rehydrate. But those breaks are incredibly important and should happen often during those outdoor adventures. Remember, our pups aren’t able to tell us when they’re getting overheated, so it’s our job to ensure they are resting up often throughout the day in a shaded area that allows protection from the sun and elements.

Modish Wanderer - 5 Tips For Wandering Outdoors With Your Pup - Woman and Dog

#5 - Always Perform A Post Hike Check: After spending hours in the wilderness, it’s not uncommon for us to come home with unwanted souvenirs from our adventure. Which is why one of the first things that should be done upon getting home is a Post-Hike Check Up for both you AND your pup! During this time, you’ll be checking for cuts, injuries, ticks, fleas, bug bites etc.

For your pup, you’ll want to pay extra attention to the areas of:

  • Beneath The Collar and Harness
  • Inside and Behind the Ears
  • Under Their Tail and Belly
  • Between Their Toes

It also doesn’t hurt to give your pup a nice post-hike bath to get rid of any small bugs, dirt or irritants that they may have collected along the way!

We hope this post was helpful in learning how to prepare for a day of wandering in the great outdoors with your best fur bud by your side! Be sure to keep a lookout for more posts coming soon. And don’t forget to sign up for our e-mail list for special discounts and to be the first to know when new items drop in our collection!