How the Idea of Modish Wanderer Came About

The act of wandering through life’s adventures in style.

We’re so stoked to introduce you to Modish Wanderer, a lifestyle brand for the avid adventurer designed to bring you from the beach to the mountains, and everywhere in between (in style, of course).

Our motto? Live Simply. Live Adventurous.

Welcome to our first blog post! This blog will become a place to gain inspiration, helpful travel hacks and detailed recommendations of all the amazing places we have wandered along the way.

 So how did the idea of Modish Wanderer come about?

Chief Adventurer, Kristin Mansky, of Modish WandererChief Adventurer, JC Lombardo, of Modish Wanderer

It all started with a set of friends and a passion for adventure. Kristin and JC, our Co-Chief Adventurers, believe that the memories we make exploring the great outdoors are the ones that have the biggest impact on us. Unfortunately for many of us, being stuck behind a desk daydreaming about all the amazing adventures that are waiting for us beyond the computer screen is the reality.

Hey, you're not alone! We're over here raising our hands too as both Kristin and JC have their own successful marketing and photography businesses. It's about finding that balance of working hard and playing hard to live the life you imagined.  That’s why our mission here at Modish Wanderer is to inspire you to stop thinking about those adventures and go make them happen every chance you get!

The creation of the brand started in late 2017 and we started to really run with it right after the New Year. We knew that if we were going to launch something like this, we wanted to do it right with a great amount of detail and intention behind it. From the fabrics, design and overall functionality, our goal was to create products that fit the lifestyle of someone who aspires to go livin’ that adventure life. Just like us.

This line of products was created with the idea in mind that you’re never too old or too young to capture a life of adventure. Which is why our brand offers apparel for men, women and the ‘Lil Wanderers in your life along with a selection of lifestyle goods ranging from hats, towels, camp mugs, backpacks, travel accessories and more. We stand 100% behind every single item in our shop and wear or use them on a daily basis. 

Now, we want to be clear – we’re not super serious hikers or people who like to live off the land "Bear Grylls" style over here. We’re just a set of friends who have an incredible passion for exploring the world while kickin’ it camper style with a craft brew in hand. There’s nothing we love more than connecting with other Wanderers while sitting around the campfire and exchanging our best travel stories over a round of s’mores. We believe that it’s within those connections that we gain our strongest inspiration to seek new adventures and just keep wandering. Our goal with this blog is to inspire others to do the same.

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Here’s to capturing a life of adventure!

Kristin & JC