Packing Tips for Your Next Adventure

Whether you're planning to hit the open road or hopping on a plane for an upcoming trip, we have some valuable packing tips for your next adventure.

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Here at Modish Wanderer, we believe a life filled with travel should be anything but stressful. It's ok to not have every turn, restaurant and sightseeing spot planned. A bit of adventurous spontaneity is always good for the soul. In order to keep the stress levels low leading up to your departure, we suggest following this handful of packing tips for your next adventure.

1. Invest in a Backpack

Hands down the most used item on ANY type of trip we take is our backpacks. These multi-functional bags shoulder a lot of miles from holding essentials on a day hike to becoming our work bag when heading to a coffee shop to get some work done and the perfect carry-all for a flight to our next destination.

A really good backpack should be an investment because you want it to be durable and with TONS of functionality. Look for plenty of pockets, security, expansion and really good material.

Check out the crazy amount of features on both our Denali and Frosty Peaks backpacks.

Modish Wanderer Denali Adventure Backpack

Modish Wanderer Frosty Peaks Backpack

2. Get Strategic with Your Organization

The key to staying organized when your packing is to have a strategic plan of organizing within your organizing. Sounds a bit confusing, but hear us out. Let's take your backpack for example. Instead of just throwing everything in there without a plan, you take a step back and organize your tech gear in a smaller bag, your cords in another, etc etc. This way when you need something you aren't having to dig through the entire bag, but can rather pull out just what you need.

This simple packing tip can save you tons of unneeded stress, but also create a lot more room in your bags as well.

Modish Wanderer The Tetons Travel Bag

Modish Wanderer Cord Roll Up Kit

3. Roll Your Clothes

 While we are typically big fans of packing cubes and they have their time & place, but it's another expense that isn't always necessary. If you approach your packing method by rolling your clothes you'll be able to (a) create more room in your luggage, therefore, allowing you to bring more, (b) it will help prevent unwanted wrinkles and (c) you can roll your clothing based on categories. I find this last part super helpful because when you want to grab a fresh shirt, you know to grab that specific roll rather than unrolling a few options before you find the right one.

4. Pack your Tech Together

Though we always hope to get away and unplug for the duration of a trip, sometimes that's just not possible. From it being a working road trip to excursions that take us to far away locations, a tablet/reader, laptop and photography gear is usually along with. By keeping all your tech gear together, you're less likely to forget anything, plus you know just what to grab when you've found that perfect spot in the mountains to take a break, put your feet up and read a few chapters from your e-reader or jot down some travel notes in a journal.

Modish Wanderer Ducks in a Row Organizer

  Modish Wanderer Ducks in a Row Organizer

*Featured here is The Ducks in a Row Organizer that can hold a tablet, e-reader, journal, pen, ear buds and more.

5. Start to Prep 48 Hours in Advance

The key to being an efficient traveler is preparedness. Start laying out your clothes 48 hours in advance along with any additional essentials needed for the type of trip you're on. Typically we initially plan on bringing way more stuff than we actually need. By laying it all out, you can see what you may have too much of and eliminate a few items. We also suggest utilizing a packing list so you don't forget anything.


There you go! Follow these packing tips for your next adventure and you'll be off on a stress-free journey in no time. If you have any tried & true packing tips share them below with all of us!

Live Simply. Live Adventurous.

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