Our Story

Modish Wanderer: [mah-dish won-der-er]

The act of wandering through life’s adventures in style.

A set of friends, Kristin & JC, with a passion for adventure spurred the creation of Modish Wanderer. We find that memories spent hiking to waterfalls, playing on the beach or camping in the mountains are the ones that last a lifetime. Far too often many of us are stuck behind a desk daydreaming about exploring the next National Park or cruising the lake at sunrise on your paddle board. Instead of thinking about it, we want to inspire you to go do it.
“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”
Let us be clear, we aren’t serious hikers who plan to live off the land for a week, but rather your run of the mill adventure seekers who aren’t afraid of calling a few nights in an airstream “camping.” We simply love to be outdoors and look to find any opportunity to get out and explore the beauty that surrounds us. We look forward to connecting with other Wanderer’s while enjoying a s’more over a campfire or a craft brew alongside a remote riverbed. It’s in hearing your stories that we grow more inspired daily to get up and go for a hike, plan a quick weekend getaway or set out on that road trip we’ve been longing to do.
Our line of apparel and lifestyle products are designed for the wanderer’s heart, but practical and functional enough for your everyday use. We’ve created them all with the intention of ….
Live Simply. Live Adventurous.
We’ll see you on your next adventure by using #modishwanderer!